You Gain a Competitive Advantage with Tradebank

competitive-advantage-10Competition in today’s marketplace is stronger than ever. However, other businesses are not the only source of competition that exists today. Cash flow has also become one of the strongest competitors and represents a huge influence in decision making. Tradebank gives you both purchasing options and a competitive edge in the marketplace far beyond that which cash alone can provide.

Business survivors know in today’s marketplace they must continually re-evaluate their business model and be willing to adapt. Tradebank offers business owners a bridge in balancing needs and wants along with income and expenses.

“But I need cash!”

It’s not a choice between barter and cash…it’s a choice between barter or nothing. Keep in mind, barter is not meant to replace cash in your business. Barter supplements and adds additional revenue for you. When you participate in Tradebank’s trading network you do so in addition to your cash commerce. Barter “wealth” enables you to off set cash expenses and conserve your cash and still acquire those products and services that you need and want. However, your barter contacts will also introduce you to additional cash customers who are not part of Tradebank.

From a seller’s perspective, accepting Trade Dollars in addition to cash enables you to have a competitive edge in the marketplace, expand distribution channels for your products and services both within and outside your local market, and keeps your business operating closer to capacity.

Additionally, many people are taking a harder look at the one-a-kind items they have and no longer use and turning those items into additional barter revenue. Boats, office equipment, tools, vehicles, property (for sale and rent), antiques and collectibles, furniture etc. are being offered as a means to generate new income in the form of Trade Dollars.

Savvy Traders maximize their barter income and use Trade Dollars to offset as many cash expenses as possible for purchases ranging from the dry cleaner to the accountant, to office/warehouse space and nearly everything in between. In addition, your new barter wealth (Trade Dollars) also enables you to acquire products and services you don’t ordinarily see in the barter marketplace because others are thinking outside the box.

One of the benefits of bartering through Tradebank is that your trading strategy can be customized to your own preferences, needs and circumstances. Those who take the time to familiarize themselves with the products and services available throughout the Tradebank network will discover innovative ways to augment and capitalize on these new barter opportunities.

Bottom line…when you work closely with your Tradebank Regional Owner, personal Tradebank Broker and your Trading Partners you will discover new opportunities to sell your products and services and develop ways to use these new barter opportunities to be much more prosperous than you would if you simply relied on cash.


Pay rent for office/warehouse space with trade dollars. Lease your own unused space for trade dollars.

Use independent contractors through to offset cash expenses for graphic designers, web/Internet services, vehicle maintenance, etc.

Review products and services being promoted by others who are looking for additional trade sales and strategize how to incorporate what they are offering into your business model.

Use trade dollars for all advertising and promotions. Don’t pay cash before asking your Tradebank Broker if the business who is calling on you is part of Tradebank.

Rather than cutting off services from current cash vendors, let them know the way to retain your business is by accepting Tradebank for payment.

Motivate your staff by providing trade dollar bonuses or incentives for exceptional work and dedication.

Stretch your food budget by using trade dollars at restaurants, delis and carry-outs.

Take a serious and detailed look at your cash expenses…research what can be converted to trade.

Evaluate your business – what untapped resources do you have that could be generating income? Unused equipment? Services that you once offered or are being asked about that you don’t currently provide? Use your staff and their talents to  generate additional income (if they are on your payroll and not being utilized to full capacity, let them help others).

Market your products and services out of your local marketplace.

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